This site has been developed by The Annuity Exchange Ltd on behalf of The Annuity Provider Forum.

The Annuity Provider Forum

The Annuity Provider Forum is a group of annuity providers working towards the standardisation and streamlining of certain processes within the annuity sector, with the aim of improving customer experience and ensuring that customers have the opportunity to maximise their income in retirement.

Annuity Exchange

The Annuity Exchange produced the market's first comparative annuity portal, ‘whatannuity’, back in 2002. Since then, the company has gained a reputation for innovative software developments and processes within the retirement sector. The Annuity Exchange was appointed by The Annuity Provider Forum to develop, build and run this website.


Origo is the eCommerce standards and services body for the UK financial services industry and has been established for over 25 years. Origo was appointed by The Annuity Provider Forum to help establish and manage this website.

Today Origo’s range of services aim to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Their services includes their award-winning Options Transfers service which has transformed how cash and now asset transfers are conducted. Our experience in the pension transfer market is unrivalled and today Options is trusted by more than 60 leading financial brands.

Another service provided by Origo is their Standards which are Origo’s longest standing service; providing the industry with the means to effectively, and simply, transfer data electronically, helping to remove rekeying, reduce errors and improve efficiencies for a variety of processes and products. Auto Enrolment standards are the latest addition to Origo’s suite of standards and they can be downloaded by visiting their website.

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